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Rainbow Heart

An Introduction to Gender Variance

This 1 day (Saturday) workshop, available in Exeter and Poole, will explore aspects of working with this rapidly expanding minority group and consider the ethical dilemmas and conflicts in work that is both continually evolving and pioneering.

  • Introduce an understanding of what it is to identify as gender variant.
  • Consider the effect of gender dysphoria on the clients' experience.
  • Develop an understanding of the process a client undertakes if transitioning from one binary gender to another.
  • Enhance awareness of the issues faced by people identifying as gender variant.
  • Develop an understanding of terminology.
  • Develop an understanding of what it is to identify as non-binary or gender fluid in a binary society.
  • Invite an exploration of our thoughts and feelings about working with gender variant people.

Course Details

In this workshop we will explore aspects of working with this rapidly expanding minority group and consider the ethical dilemmas and conflicts in work that is both continually evolving and pioneering.

This is an opportunity to learn more about the increasing number of people identifying as gender variant or non-conforming. This includes people identifying as transgender, non-binary and gender fluid whose experience of gender doesn't meet the expectations of our society. Participants will learn about the unique challenges faced by clients seeking to achieve mind-body congruence as they explore their gender identity and the treatment available to them.

Participants will gain a better understanding of gender variance and gender dysphoria including the medical process people may go through. We will learn about the wide variety of identities and terminology. The course will encourage and enable participants to explore their thoughts and feelings about this challenging subject.

This is an emerging client group and practitioners may feel curious, interested, anxious or that the presenting issues are beyond their experience to work with. We will explore our thoughts and feelings about gender identity.

We will talk about what it means to experience gender dysphoria and develop an understanding of this neurodevelopmental condition. We will consider how gender dysphoria affects the client’s experience of their body, their identity and what it is like for them to live in a binary society. We will develop an understanding of terminology and identity. 

The course will be a mixture of didactic teaching, experiential learning, reflective discussion and small group work.

Our CPD workshops are open to anyone who is interested in the subject matter, wants to develop their skills and expand their knowledge. This workshop is particularly aimed at counsellors, psychotherapists and those in helping professions who work therapeutically with others.

How to apply:

Simply sign up using the booking form on this web page - supplying the requested details and paying the applicable fee (please see the 'Fees' tab for further information and details of other ways to pay). 
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What our Students Say

"I have never before learned so much about myself and about where I want to go in the future. I couldn't imagine a better place for my development than at the Iron Mill. The tutors, staff and students are all fantastic. Thanks to all of them."
Jess Houghton - Certificate in Counselling Student

What our Students Say

"I wasn't sure what to expect of the Iron Mill course but I loved every minute of it. The tutors and course content are nothing short of excellent, I would definitely recommend studying here. Thank You so much!"
Laura Temple - Certificate in Counselling Graduate
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