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Working Therapeutically with Clients who Misuse Alcohol

This 1 day workshop for counsellors, psychotherapists and people working in the helping professions is available in Exeter and Poole.

  • "Around one quarter of the adult population drinks above the recommended weekly amount with increased risks of causing or experiencing alcohol related harm" - Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for England.
  • This workshop aims to help practitioners gain confidence in working with this client group and dispel some of the myths around alcohol and clients who drink.
  • The day consists of alcohol education and theory, the neuroscience of addiction, risk assessment, facilitating change and therapeutic interventions.

Course Details

Key features:

  • Risk Assessments: Participants will learn about the risks to mental and physical health, safeguarding issues, risks to others and risks from others.
  • Cycle of Change: This model for behavioural change is used as a practical tool to help practitioners effectively work with clients who drink, as well as other addictive and compulsive behaviours.

  • The Neuroscience of Addiction: Drawing on contemporary research, participants will explore how an understanding that 'neurons that fire together wire together' create and maintain addictive behaviour.
  • Case Studies: We will combine all the learning from the day and work through case studies based on real examples.

Our CPD workshops are open to anyone who is interested in the subject matter, wants to develop their skills and expand their knowledge. This workshop is particularly aimed at counsellors, psychotherapists and those in helping professions who work therapeutically with others.

How to apply:

Simply sign up using the booking form on this web page - supplying the requested details and paying the applicable fee (please see the 'Fees' tab for further information and details of other ways to pay). 


What our Students Say

“The course has opened up my mind and my emotions to all aspects of human life both positive and negative. Because of this, I believe I am a much more rounded person & the possibilities are endless. For me the practical application along with the academic understanding really enriches the course...”
Suzanne Richards - Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling Graduate

What our Students Say

“It achieved a great balance between knowledge of the topic and making this interesting and close to us... the Tutor managed to make {the lecture} understandable to us with day to day examples. At the same time we felt that he was really an expert in the topic. From a HR perspective we were delighted to get so many people participating in the Q&A after the talk, as this is not the usual way our staff behaves.”
Monica Wilson - Tailor-Made Training
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